Loes van Roozendaal uses items from her home as the starting point for her paintings. She repeatedly painted the same glass at different times of the day. The act of repeating shows how the glass remains the same, but the circumstances surrounding the glass continuously alter the material of the object. In this way, van Roozendaal not only captures the object, but also makes more complex concepts, such as light, space, and time, visible in her work.


By applying different layers of oil paint on top of each other and utilizing the direction of the brush, subtle changes emerge as the viewer moves back and forth in front of her bright canvases. This inventive approach permits van Roozendaal to come close to the material of the actual object. Her paintings react to the space and light, just like the glass does in her home. Van Roozendaal manages to capture the ever-changing nature of our environment in her paintings. Time momentarily stops, while simultaneously making visible the depicted moment in time that shows everything around us is constantly in motion.


Text: Hagar Schuringa